WANDERLUSTWanderlust literally means a strong desire to travel, to see new sights, and to seek new adventures. It is about that passion that burns inside of us, fueling
our desire to visit exotic destinations, to go on endless journeys, and to explore the world.

Wanderlust Swimwear, created by Maggie Wilson, is a reflection of this word in its entirety. Wanderlust designs are an embodiment of the modern woman who is unique, multi-faceted, and above all, has a passion for adventure. Each collection is inspired by glamorous and whimsical locations all over the globe, because if you can’t get away, then Wanderlust will bring the adventure to you!

Wanderlust Swimwear is made from carefully selected fabric with colors and prints that are customized for every new collection. Wanderlust is proudly made in the Philippines.